Assembly and commissioning

The technical experts of our company have the necessary experience and ability to assemble, disassemble and commission the platforms.

Maintenance, revision and repair

The maintenance, revision  and repair works of the platforms are carried out in compliance with the provisions of the technical prescription and other normative acts, according to the ISCIR authorization that our company holds.

Modernization of platforms

Modernization works can be partial or total. The type of modernization is performed according to customer requirements.

Unique Building

Iași, Romania

Unique Building Iasi is an office building with 6 levels of underground parking, 110 parking spaces, 9 floors and over 4300 sqm of leasable area. Within the project were installed 29 parking elevators with a lifting capacity of the platform of 2500 kg. These parking devices allow the intelligent storage of 2 cars in a single parking space, thus doubling the parking facilities at no construction cost.

Other projects

The most important projects carried out so far by Binape. Well thought out projects, made with heart! Our team of specialists works to the highest standards.