Maldron Hotel

Northern Ireland

The Maldron Hotel was originally a 206-room building, but in the meantime the complex's architect has applied to increase the number of rooms to 237 without a substantial increase in budget. The contemporary air of the complex is combined with modern finishes resulting in a work of impeccable quality.
Within the Maldron project were installed 4 elevators were installed, with weights between 800 and 1000 kg, 13 stations, speed between 1.60 and 2.00 m/s with special options such as KDM 40 Slim.


Northern Ireland

Allstate is the largest IT company in Northern Ireland, a major hub for innovative software development, covering the entire software design, development, maintenance and support lifecycle.
Allstate plays a strategic role in developing, transforming and maintaining the various technology platforms used in this complex to support day-to-day business. Allstate focuses on providing quality customer service and has extensive experience in delivery and IT services.
Within this project were installed 3 elevators weighing 1150 kg, speed 1.75 m/s with special options such as KDM 40 SLIM.

College Avenue

Northern Ireland

The College Avenue complex can be considered a small town due to the facilities it offers such as: parking, landscaped courtyards, accommodation and commercial spaces.
The College Avenue project includes the installation of 4 elevators with weights of 630 kg, 11-12 stations, speed between 1.00 m/s and 1.60 m/s with special options such as balancing chain.

Belfast City Quays 2

Northern Ireland

City Quays 2 is a nine-level office building that offers opportunities and space for employees to work. It has a café and a car park.
This project includes 2 elevators weighing between 1600-2000kg, speed 2.00 m/s, 9 18-door stations with special options such as KDM 40 and 90.


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