BINAPE is a private company with Romanian capital, having as main object of activity the installation, commissioning, repair and modernization of elevators.


The motto of our company "Safety, Quality and Professionalism" characterizes all our activity, being put into practice by all our employees.
Over time, our company has managed to enter into partnerships with various countries, such as: Ireland, Northern Ireland, Germany, United Kingdom, Sweden, Denmark and France.


Binape's main mission is based on the continuous progress of long-term partnerships, with the provision of services at high quality standards, being adapted to the individualized requirements of each client.
The purpose of our company is to consolidate its position both on the Romanian market and on the international market.

The implementation of strategic procedures addresses the following key points:

- Providing services at high quality standards;
- Establishing partnerships based on a well-defined set of values;

Safety, Quality, Professionalism.

These 3 values guide us in our daily work and are reflected in every service provided to you.
Our company is open to new perspectives initiated by our partners, and the ability to adapt gives us the opportunity to complete the specific objectives of each project.
Continuous improvement and lifelong learning introduce us to the new challenges that arise with our ongoing projects. The ability to assimilate quickly is the main quality that gives us a better knowledge of the work environment and implicitly of the new coordinates.


Binape was established in 2009 and its main object of activity is the assembly, disassembly and commissioning of elevators, as well as their maintenance, revision, repair and modernization.
Our company has become a reliable business since 2010, with a well-developed strategy, strong connections and a good position in a segment of the internal and external market.



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