The Silo

Nordhavnen, Denmark

Located near the Nordhavnen district, The Silo is one of the industrial buildings transformed at the end of 2016 into a private apartment complex and complex for public institutions. Within this project were installed elevators of 1150 kg, 14 stations / 25 doors, speed 2.00 m/s, but also elevators of 13 stations / 24 doors, speed 2.00 m/s.

Carlsberg Byen

Copenhagen, Denmark

Located in the heart of thecity, the new residential tower is part of the UCC University College complex. Positioned in the southeast and with an area of 10,000 m2, the residential complex is built as part of the campus of UCC University College. The entire campus combines educational and commercial centers to give a vibrant and multifunctional note to the urban area. Elevators have been installed in this project.

Herlev Hospital

Copenhagen, Denmark

Located near Copenhagen, in the Herlev region, which also bears the name, the university hospital is the seventh tallest hospital in the world, being the tallest building in Denmark. Its construction began in 1965 and was completed in 1975. Within the Herlev Hospital project, 16 elevators were installed. The experience gained over the years allows our assemblers to meet daily challenges and adapt to the work environment.

Aalborg Hospital


Located in the northern region, Alborg Hospital is the largest medical center in Denmark and plays a key role in the sustainability of the Danish medical system. Within the Aalborg Hospital project were installed 8 elevators with the capacity of 2000 kg, with 12 stations, with a speed of 2.00 m/s, both assembly and disassembly.


Copenhagen, Denmark

The Blox complex offers new perspectives for creating important events and unique facilities in order to carry out educational programs for students and children related to educational environments. Within this project were installed elevators with a capacity of 5000 kg, 5 stations, speed 1.00 m/s.

Ceres Panorama

Copenhagen, Denmark

Ceres Panorama is one of the largest buildings in Aarhus, Denmark. With an imposing  appearance, Ceres Panorama is a residential building with 130 private properties. Within this work were installed 4 elevators of the type:

1 elevator of 1150 kg, 21 stations, speed 1.75 m/s;

1 elevator of 1000 kg, 21 stations, speed 1.75 m/s;

2 elevators of 1000 kg, 4 stations, 1.00 m/s.


The most important projects carried out so far by Binape. Well thought out projects, made with heart! Our team of specialists works to the highest standards.