The Atrium


Atrium is a complex of 4 buildings located 15 minutes from the center of Paris, which offers 15,000 square meters of office space, arranged on 7 levels, plus ground floor. Within this project were installed 7 elevators with capacities of 800 kg and 7 stations.

Orange Villejuif


Orange Villejuif is the second largest Orange center, with 1,100 employees. The building includes 18,000 sqm of office space, arranged on 7 levels. This project includes the installation of 2 elevators with a capacity of 800 kg, which serves 7 stations.



Sanzillon Clichy is a complex of new buildings, with 7 to 10 floors, offering modern apartments (from 2 to 5 rooms). Within this project were installed 3 elevators with capacities between 800 and 1000 kg, with 8 or 10 stations.


The most important projects carried out so far by Binape. Well thought out projects, made with heart! Our team of specialists works to the highest standards.