Royal Liverpool University Hospital (RLUH),

Liverpool, M.B.

Located in the city of Liverpool in the United Kingdom, Royal Liverpool University Hospital is the largest university hospital in the district of Merseyside and Ceshire and has the largest guard room in the UK.
Within this major project predominated the installation of elevators with capacities of 2550 kg, speed 1.6 m/s, the number of stations being variable, between 8, 11 and 12.

Westgate Shopping Centre,

Oxford, M.B.

Elegant and spacious, Westgate Shopping Center reinvents Oxford as a final retail and lifestyle destination. The shopping complex has about 800,000 square meters, and has unique restaurants and cafes, a boutique cinema and elegant bars located on the roof of the building. Within this project were installed  24 elevators with a weight between 1000 and 2500 kg, speed 1.0 m/s and 1.6 m/s.

Royal Liverpool University Hospital Extension,

Liverpool, M.B.

Liverpool University Hospital is one of the largest medical centers in Merseyside. This work is one of the most important projects carried out in England. Within this work were installed 13 elevators with a weight between 2250kg and 4000 kg.


Sheffield, M.B.

Founded in Sweden, IKEA is a company that sells home furniture. The company is owned by a Dutch foundation and is run by the Kamprad family.
Opened in July 2017, the IKEA complex is located in Sheffield Road, Tinsley and offers a wide range of high quality products, well designed and accessible to all people. IKEA Sheffield was a large-scale project in which 12 elevators from 1600 to 5000 kg, speed 1.0 m/s were installed, predominating freight elevators.

Primark Westgate,

Oxford, M.B.

Located in the heart of Oxford, Primark Westgate Oxford is characterized by style, quality and affordability. The new destination is unique in the variety of styles both for the home and in clothing. The Westgate project included the installation of 4 elevators of 2000 kg, 3 stations and 1.0 m/s.

Liverpool FC Stadium Expansion,

Liverpool, M.B.

FC Stadium Expansion was another project in England. It is located in Anfield, Liverpool, being the sixth largest stadium in England. Within this project were installed 6 elevators, 3 of them with VIP cabin, with capacities of 1600 kg, from 2 to 7 stations, speed 1.00 m/s and 2.00 m/s.


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