Three Park Place


Located in an opulent area of Dublin, Three Park Place is a modern office building. Three Park Place has set the benchmark in the development of the work environment, in its improvement and in the creation of optimal conditions at work. Within this project were installed 6 elevators of 1275 kg, 10 stations, speed, 2.5 m/s, and some of them presented special options such as: glass cabin walls and KDM 40.

Dawson Street Complex


The Dawson Street complex is an office building that reproduces the contemporary style and maximum flexibility in terms of modernizing the employee's life within the company and offering the most favorable conditions at work. Within this project, the elevators with a weight between 1125 and 4000 kg, speed 1.00 m/s and 2.00 m/s were the most. The elevators presented special options such as the 5th slide with rope locking system.

Cruiserath BMS,

Dublin, Ireland

The project called Cruiserath BMS took place in Ireland. Bristol-Myers-Squibb is a pharmaceutical company located in Dublin, which aims to increase pharmaceutical production. Within this project were assembled 6 elevators weighing between 2250 kg and 4000 kg.

Capital Dock


Located in the heart of Dublin, the Capital Dock project introduces a unique, campus-style work environment. Built in a single phase, the complex improves the work style and professional life through the balance of open spaces and the essential positioning of the complex. This major project is highlighted by the 11 elevators with special options such as KDM 40 and 90, EBD, with capacities between 1275 and 1600 kg, speed 1.60 and 2.50 m/s.

Microsoft DUB


City Quays 2 is a nine-levels office building that offers opportunities and space for employees to work. It has a café and a car park. This project includes 2 elevators weighing between 1600-2000 kg, speed 2.00 m/s, 9 18-door stations with special options such as KDM 40 and 90.


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