Learning center

Initiation and Training Center for Installation of elevators and escalators – CIIM

The center will have two elevator shafts plus a ladder and will be under the guidance and supervision of three Binape technicians.

This center will prepare, select and supply future Binape installers, qualified for the fields of activity for which they have been prepared.

The training will have two parts:
- The theoretical part
- The practical part

The theoretical part will have 3 modules:

I. Safety module

- Learning the warning signs at the entrance to the site;
- Safety conditions that must be observed from the entrance to the site, during installation and until leaving the site.

II. Technical Module - mechanical part

- Correct fitting of elevators in the shaft;
- Cab installation;
- Slide assembly;
- Door assembly;

III. Technical module - electrical part

- Presentation of elevator electrical components and their role in system operation;
- Their proper installation according to the installation manual;
- Proper handling and connection of cables;
- Fastening the cables to the shaft according to the assembly manual;
- Safe working mode, safe when working and there is voltage on the elevator.

The practical part

- In this part, the students will get acquainted with the real conditions on the site and will put into practice what they learned in the Theoretical Part of CIIM.
- In addition, the practical part will include:
- Presentation of the equipment to be installed;
- Mandatory conditions that must be met in order for the work front to be considered ready to start assembling the elevator;
- Preparing to use laser centering;
- Preparing to use centering with lead wire;
- Practical framing of the elevator in the shaft;
- Presentation of an efficient way of working, in order to optimize the assembly time;
- Assisting to a complete installation by a Binape technician;
- Realization of an assembly by the team of students, being assisted by a Binape technician;
- The team of students will also have in their aid for information the elevator already installed by the Binape technician in shaft  number 1.



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